Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ALERT: Director of Child Support Services has Declared War on Non-Custodial Parents.

March 2011: The Director of Child Support in Los Angeles County said, “ Times are tough, it’s time for us to get tougher “. The director also said that the department will start enforcing new policies to get tougher on deadbeat dads. He did not explain what exactly was a deadbeat dad, nor did he use the term deadbeat mom. He said that he will jail more non-custodial deadbeats and squeeze any and all money out of them. If they do not pay up they will stay in jail. He went on to mention that the economy is tough and the custodial parents are suffering. He failed to mention that everyone is suffering, non-custodial parents as well. Chalk this move up to, “ I told you so “. Here is a list of some of the new Nazi-Style Collection Tactics that will be implemented for the future:

* I.D. Fraud: Hiding underground using false identification., such as driver licence, passport, and Tax I.D. numbers will be charged with felonies.

* Foreclosure on houses and property.

* Criminal charges for employers who knowingly or incidentally hire non-custodial parents who owe arrears. 

* New data base ( small business ) ownership skip-trace. They will run a check on all new business and ones retroactively for 10 years, and find those who owe arrears. 

* New quarterly bank account skip-trace. They will run all bank accounts through the departments data base and take money from bank accounts. This includes joint accounts. They do this already, but not every three months.  

Sunday, February 27, 2011

How will the next world war and the coming depression affect your child support ?

Answer: It will not affect it. When this next world war starts around 2012, you will still have to pay your child support. Even if your 18 your old son is off fighting the war and heaven forbid, he should die, you will still have to pay in full.  Talk about a slap in the face. Still you men ( non-custodial parents ) refuse to understand the way the system works and how to beat it. Stand up and fight like a man !You can do it all yourself and be done with it before you can say," $250 a barrel for crude ! ? ". I urge you non-custodial parents, be smart, learn the rules, and end the game. 

Read my book and defend yourself. When the war ends a new global currency will be installed ( IMF/International Bank of settlements, drawing rights ), and your debt will be greater than you can imaging. No breaks for men with cancer, broken legs, heart attacks, rehabilitation, NOTHING! The Police State will increase. You think the TSA is bad now, wait until the war begins. There will be pure Nazi-Style check points everywhere. Guess what will flag you as a problem ? Owed back child support ( arrears ). They will stop you and scan your ID, then put you in jail. The DCSS  is already working with the major cell phone companies to track down deadbeats ( non-custodial parents that owe more than $2,500 in arrears ) via their cell phones. You have two choices: You can prepare and beat the system of corruption, or you can go underground only to resurface and be put in jail. It's still early 2011, make it a point to get out of this child support extortion scheme, be free of debt, and have peace of mind. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

How the Recession Affects Your Child Support Garnishments/Payments

The recession is here and a depression is on it’s way. How will this affect your child support ?

The Non-Custodial Parent:

* If you become unemployed you will still pay child support. Why ? Because the Department of Child Support Services has a fix in the system. They can, by law garnish 25% of your unemployment checks, and they do it automatically.

Example: For Non-Custodial Parents

* Let’s say you get paid $400 per week or $1,600 per month from your job, and your court order is $ 300 per month in child support. Your employer will garnish $75.00 from each of your checks plus 1% to 2% in administration fees. This is 18.75% of the total per month.

* Let’s say you become unemployed and you receive an unemployment check of $275 ( unemployment is lower than actual paycheck ), or $1,100 per month. The Department of Child Support Service will garnish 25% automatically. They will not adjust your payments to your new lower income, they just take 25%. If you had a court order that was lower that 25% your out of luck. You must file a motion to have your child support order reduced.

This means, instead of taking the 18.75%  the EDD will take 25%. The main point for the non-custodial parents is that,THEYARE NOW IN ARREARS. He is falling behind in his child support court order by $25.00 each month. This amount is being added to the total arrears and accumulating interest ( 10% in California ). The DCSS can now suspend his drivers licence, and his professional license. If the total arrears add up to more than $2,500 he will not be allowed to leave the country, because they will suspend his passport. 


The  Custodial Parent:

Example: For Custodial Parent

* The custodial parent will receive $275  instead of $300 per month. There is nothing she can do to get more. This is because the non-custodial parent has a reduced income. However, she will be getting 10% interest on the $300 per month court order, or the actual $25.00 added to the total arrears. She loses the $25.00, but gains 10% interest because the non-custodial lost his job.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What exactly is child support ?

Many people throw the term " child support ", and "deadbeat dad " around to shame fathers, cause harm to their reputation and so on.  By stating he is a deadbeat dad, they are saying in one phrase he is avoiding child support payments. But, do people really know what child support is ? I will tell you. Here it is:

Child Support

1. Actual child support: This is the actual amount the court has ordered as monthly payments. This goes to the custodial parent or guardian.

2. Interest charges: This is an interest charge on the debt, which is the child or children. Like interest charges on a credit card, this applies the same in accumulation. In California the rate is 10%.

3. Money owed to the state: This is money owed to the state's department of social services ( welfare ). This was the benefits the ex got if she applied ( 80% apply ). This money was given to the custodial parent from funds taken from both the mother and father over the years through income tax. So, in reality the father is paying the state twice. It is legal for the custodial parent to collect child support and collect social benefits at the same time.

4. Interest charges: This is an interest charge on the money owed to the state's department of social services. In California it is 10%.

Combine all these amounts and you have your child support. They put them under the same heading, " Child Support ", to hide the major difference. For instance, If a non-custodial parent owes $15,000 in child support, he owes one part child support and three parts other fees. In this case normally, $3,000 is actual child support, $6,000 is interest ( actual ), $4,000 is State's money, and $2,000 is State's money interest. So, when you understand the reality you get a better picture of what is really going on. If you think paying child support is just a small fee a judge demands of you, haha, not even close. These interest charges and double taxation are discrimination. These charges along with the strong-armed Nazi tactics lead to a perpetual debt, and is one of many reason why the system is broken !

Friday, February 4, 2011

How to make a Deadbeat Dad. ( myth buster # 1 )

Here is a good myth buster. I often hear single mothers complain about child support and not getting their money. But, they really do not know what the Child Support Services Department and the District Attorneys' actual are doing to get their money. I always write an article about my experience with the CS/DA system and I get many comments from women who just say, " Pay your support and we will not call you a deadbeat". But they fail to understand that from the very beginning of the fathers attempted NOT to be a deadbeat, the CS/DA makes them one, by default. 

Here is how the system makes deadbeats. The day the father and the mother decide to separate and the father moves out of the household the clock starts ticking. Now remember no one lets the father or mother know this. The only way one knows is through experience, but by then it is too late. So, lets say they get attorneys and file for divorce but the divorce is not final until 8 months later. About the same time the court decides on child support and gives an court order.

All the money and support the father gave to the kids in the 7 months is not retroactively credited by the CS/DA. The laws prevent this. However, the laws allow the child support order to be retroactively modified. In other words, the father will get a court order that is for the arrears or back-pay from separation to actual court ordered support. Lets say the court orders $800 per month for two kids. The father will get a bill of $5,600.00 of arrears at 10% interest and a bill for $800.00 a month due on the first of the following month.

The law assumes the father is a deadbeat and defaults all fathers in the same boat. If the father in those 7 months picked-up his kids and took them to movies and dinner and fun trips, and gave the mother money for  support, it will not be credited. It is considered a gift. Even if the father gave the mother checks with written notes on the checks of: " for child support", it is still not honored.

Now the father is behind from the start. This is the case in ALL child support orders. The father does not know what the actual support amount will be. It could be $300 per child or $600 per child, he must wait to get the judges order. There is no agency that will accept and credit the money before the order. To make things worse, the father's credit report is ruined because the CS/DA will put this information on his credit report. So, say he wanted to get a small line of credit or loan to pay the arrears, he cannot. All creditors know well the collection power of the CS/DA and they do not give credit to people who have large amounts owed to the CS/DA.

Lets refresh, lets say the father and mother separated in January 1st 2009, and in August 1st 2009 the child support is order with the divorce. Come September 1st 2009, the father gets a court order for $5,600.00 in arrears and $800.00 a month in child support for two kids. The CS/DA will expect a check to be sent to the States distribution payment center for a total of $6,400.00 by September 1st, 2009.

Does this sound fair to you? This is how the system works. Most mothers and most people who are not paying child support do not know this. This is how the fathers get behind from the start. This is how the arrears snow balls, with the added 10% interest. Most likely the father in this case will just barely have enough money to make the child support payments and maybe add $50.00 per month on the arrears, but it will keep growing. His main concern is the monthly current or actual child support. Now take into account others factors like a layoff or a illness, a down economy, and extended unemployment by the father and you can add up a big bill really fast. The laws do not provide any relief or compromise for this arrears so it just grows and grows.

So, when you single mothers are yapping about, " just pay, just pay, deadbeat!", be sure you remember this reality. And remember this is the case for all men. Go out and learn the laws, go online and read the  stories. There is no custodial sponsored or tax payer funded website that tells you what I told you. If you go to the States child support website and look for this information you will not find it.